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More Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage for Stress, Pain, Insomnia and More…

Massage’s Role in Improving Sleep and Reducing Stress:

Massage therapy has been shown to reduce the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. It’s excellent for reducing insomnia, and has been shown to improve both the ability to fall asleep and the duration of sleep, allowing for otherwise anxious individuals to rest. The lack of ability to sleep plays a key role in the development and exacerbation of these conditions and creates a downward spiral of despair. By interrupting the insomnia cycle, massage can play a huge role in reducing emotion-based conditions.

Massage Can Alleviate Muscle Pain:

Massage therapy has been shown to improve muscle tone in weak and atrophied muscle tissue while releasing overly tight muscles. 

Athletes often use massage therapy to speed recovery from exhausting workouts and to maintain flexibility and the lengthening of muscle fibers. 

Massage therapy increases the oxygen and nutrients in muscle tissue, and throughout the body, through improved circulation. 

Massage can offer benefits in the case of sports injuries, sprains, strains and myofascial pain conditions.

Massage Can Improve These Conditions, too:

Massage therapy has been shown in studies to improve many conditions, including…

Back pain
Joint flexibility
Increased immunity

Even More Benefits of Massage!

Massage reduces pain, leading to the use of less medication.
It is excellent for reducing scar tissue.

Massage lengthens muscle tissue, improving flexibility.
Massage has also been used to treat headache and migraine pain, reducing both the duration and intensity of both.
Blood pressure may be lowered.
Edema and swelling can be reduced by the application of massage therapy.
Massage even shortens the labor of childbirth!
A good massage followed by a nice, relaxing cup of tea is an excellent way to reduce stress, relieve muscle aches and pains and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.