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Benefits of Therapeutic Massage!

Why be thankful for massage?

Let us count the ways!

1. Techniques that heal!

Massage therapy can not only make you feel better at your scheduled sessions, it can give you tools to feel better between massages. Massage therapy is directly correlated with posture improvement and will help alleviate muscle tension, pain, and pressure well after your appointment!

2. Headache relief!

Do you suffer from headaches? Whether they’re due to stress, tension or other factors, massage therapy can relieve those tense muscles and leave you feeling clear-headed.

3. Anxiety relief!

There is a lot of anxiety that can surround the holidays. Maybe your work is driving you crazy, maybe the kids are restless indoors, maybe you’re having trouble picking out the perfect gifts. No matter what the situation, getting a massage can relieve those anxious thoughts.

4. Nurture your mind, body and soul!

Most people think massage is only for the body. But it gives you the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your breath and inner thoughts. Take the time to think about living intentionally before and after your massage. You will find that it enhances the experience—and your life outside of the therapy room!

5. Knee & joint pain relief!

If you suffer from joint pain, you know just how troublesome it can be with stress and colder temperatures. But with gentle massage techniques, you will be able to effectively warm your body and keep your joints supple.

6. Forget your worries!

This is the time to let your worries wash away and to focus on relaxation. When your massage is over, you may feel like it was hours long because you were able to drive out negativity and unplug.

7. Unify your senses!

One of the most amazing parts about massage therapy is the way it unites your senses. Aromatherapy scents like lavender can relax you, while peppermint can energize. Feel the sensation on your body, breathe deeply in through your nose and visualize your relaxed body.

8. Lying still for a little R&R!

Some of us really just need an excuse to be still for awhile—even if it’s just thirty minutes to an hour. Not looking at your mobile devices or worrying about your family and friends for that long may feel like a miniature vacation.



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